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Military packages are thoughtful and practical gifts for soldiers. Sending care packages to loved ones deployed overseas not only provide them with something they miss while away from home, but is a great way to show your support, and that they have not been forgotten. Hence, these gifts can be great morale boosters. Military gifts can be sent for holidays, birthday, father's day, or for no particular reasons.

When military care packages are sent to soldiers, requirements have to be followed. All military packages to Army Post Office (APO)/Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses must be sent via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). In addition, alcohol and perishable food such as fruits are restricted from shipping. Packages also have weight and size restriction, and cannot exceed 130 inches in combined length and girth. Instead of trying to prepare a military care package yourself, it will be easier to order a military gift online. This article provides gift ideas for military packages.

1. Meat and Cheese Gift:
The most favorite gift for soldiers is meat and cheese gift. This should not be surprising as most men enjoy meat and cheese. You can send a deluxe meat and cheese gift box with 4 different cheese bar and three different kinds of summer beef sausage, mustard and wheat wafers. Your trooper can have a party with his buddies when the gift arrives.

2. Deluxe Dart Board Set:
Instead of sending meat and cheese gift, you can send your trooper a dart board set filled with meat and cheese, and other treats. This way, your trooper can relax with the dart board game and enjoy his favorite treats. Filled to overflowing with delicious cheeses, crackers, beef sausage, chocolate Wafer cookies, smoked almonds, caramel corn, beer cheese, cheese wedges, and 6 darts, this deluxe dart board set is sure to hit its mark.

3. Snack Gift:
Care package filled with American favorite snacks is another popular package for soldiers. One best-selling military care package is filled with Smiley face stress ball, Oreo cookies, Cheez-Its, pretzels, animal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Planters deluxe nuts, Starbursts, Skittles, jelly beans, snack mix, and M & M's. This snack care package allows you to send a bit of home to the special trooper in your life.

4. God Can Handle It Care Package:
This care package delivers that message to your loved one in the military in a book with over 100 pages of uplifting stories, quotations and Bible verses. This inspirational book will share your faith, hope, and love. In addition, your special trooper will find the same kind of treats inside the gift box as the previous snack care package.

5. Boredom Buster Gift Box:
Care package that contains both snacks and games helps soldiers to release stress. This care package will bring hours of fun and distraction to your special trooper. Inside the care package are word search book, crossword book, deck of cards, wooden puzzle brain teaser game, Tootsie Rolls, camouflage hackie sack, camouflage bandana, Quaker Oaks granola bars, Smiley face stress ball, juicy fruit gum, blank note cards with envelopes for sending letters home, Planters deluxe nuts, Chex mix, Oreo cookies, and combos cheese filled pretzel nuggets. Your trooper will be pleased to receive this package of fun and good taste.

6. Birthday Gifts:
For your trooper's birthday, you can send him or her a birthday care package to make their birthday the biggest celebration of the year. The package is filled with 20 flavors Jelly Belly beans, fudge brownies, a teddy bear, crunchy caramel corn, Happy Birthday sour balls, birthday candles, assorted cream-centerd chocolates, birthday horn and noise maker. Your birthday star will be pleasantly surprised on receiving this birthday care package.

7. Get Well Gifts:
When your favorite trooper is under the weather, send him or her a get well sooner care package. Inside the gift box are Campbell's chicken noodle soup, rapid relief hot or cold packs, Gummi Aide band aids, shortbread cookies, cherry sours, Tootsie Rolls, word search, stress ball, Cutter crackers, and deck of cards. These gifts will help your trooper cure all ills.

8. Spa Gifts:
The spa care package is a lovely gift for the female trooper in your life. The white gloss gift box is filled with a mini chenille bear, floral Whispers bar soap, and other bath accessories, floral potpourri, and a 3" pillar candle. The pink and purple tissue paper and pink satin ribbon make this gift all the more attractive. The spa care package will help the female soldier to care for herself.

9. Plush Bear:
For your loved one deployed overseas, you can send him or her a cuddly plush bear that brings God's gift of love along with a smile. This cute 12" bear sings Jesus loves you and brings a heart full of joy to your special someone.

In summary, sending care packages to loved ones in the military is a great way to send them a bit of home and to show them how much you care. Popular military packages include meat and cheese gift, snack care package, deluxe dart board set, spa care package, and care package for birthday and get well. Your favorite trooper will appreciate your thoughtfulness and support.
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Military Packages For Soldiers

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    N. Avy- 2010/11/17 14:38:24 pm

    Those are wonderful Military Christmas Gifts ideas that I am certain our boys oversea will really appreciate. Hey! they need all the support they can get and I know for a fact that emotional support such as this goes a long long way.

This article was published on 2010/11/04