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Long term care is a composition of multifaceted services which have evolved in a relatively short period of time. As it continues to grow, new challenges arise giving way to a vast variety of new opportunities and developments within the system.

These problems will worsen as the population ages. Therefore, the need for long term care research is more critical than ever. And, this is the dilemma the baby boomers are about to face once they hit the age 0f 85. They are considered to be the ones who are in most need of a secure LTC insurance.

In the coming years, the need for long term care is expected to increase. But, due to the current workforce shortage US is facing today, there is already an eminent lack of health care professionals knowledgeable of providing optimum health assistance to future elderly individuals. Assisted living facilities such as nursing homes servicing both home and community-based care concur to this scarcity in workforce.

Studies show that a few factors affecting this concern involve immigration trends, trends in retail and service sectors in the economy and access to other employment opportunities for women. This consequently affects LTC providers' way in getting additional people to work for them. Plus, the demanding job itself is an obvious reason as well. Professionals see the work tedious and pay is not good in return that's why most decide to stop and venture to other line of work.

Moreover, the developments being done within the long term system has attracted attention and interest of many. The latest bill passed was the CLASS Act which is set to implement in 2011 but a remark its distracters raised is most of the details behind this improvement remain unclear. In effect, most people are kept doubtful on its effectiveness and sustainability.

Even the costs and premiums of LTC have become daunting challenge baby boomers, in particular, are about to face. With the varieties of insurance policies and their complexities, these resulted to clouded and vague descriptions which produce confusion to what LTC is truly all about. This confusion also led to deceitful policy coverage which un-established insurance companies take advantage of. The growing demand for LTC is certainly remarkable and gave way for people to become aware but as long as shadows remain behind the system, the issue will continue to grow.

Thus, research is important to make a critical analysis on potential solutions to better understand and improve the health care system. With advance explorations and tests of new models of care, there is a better chance of shaping new possibilities and practices to help shape resolutions for the current issues LTC is facing today.

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This article was published on 2010/11/06