Does She Still Care About Me? Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

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Does she still care about me? It's understandable that you'd ask this question if you're still in love with your ex girlfriend. Obviously you want her to feel the same things you do. The problem is that it's sometimes hard to know whether the things she says and does have any hidden meaning at all. Fortunately, there are some signs that she does indeed still care for you that are easy to spot and are unmistakable.

If you're asking yourself the question, "does she still care about me," consider how often she's contacting you. This is one of the easiest and genuine ways to tell when a woman is feeling for you. After a break up that is mutually agreeable, both partners will go their separate ways. They won't see any reason to stay in contact. If your ex girlfriend calls, texts or emails you on a frequent basis she's not even close to letting you go yet. You can rest assured that there are definitely some lingering feelings there.

Another way to tell if a woman still cares for you after the break up is if she still looks to you for advice. Women, in general, tend to gravitate towards the people they care for most when they are seeking advice. If you're still her go-to-guy when she has a tough decision to make that means she feels a strong connection there still.

Your dating life should be your own business after the split but if your ex tries to make it her business too, that's a sign that she's feeling the sting of jealousy. If you consider the fact that a woman who isn't in love with a man won't care who he's dating or how serious it is, you know that her asking questions definitely has a hidden meaning. It's important for you to consider the consequences if you do decide to date someone else. The chances of getting your ex girlfriend back once she sees that you're with another woman drop dramatically.

How much she talks about the past is a window into her heart. When a person is ready to move on from a relationship they just want to put it all behind them. They see absolutely no reason to bring up the good or the bad times anymore. That's why you need to be mindful of how much your ex girlfriend talks about what happened between you two. If she seems focused on the problems and how she wishes certain things hadn't have happened, that's a good indicator that she's hoping the future between the two of you will be different.

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The things you do after your breakup will either set the stage for a reunion with your girlfriend or will ensure she's gone for good. Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the woman you love. If you still need and want her don't leave your future with her to chance, there are ways to win her back.

There are guaranteed ways to get her back regardless of why you two split. If you're tired of feeling heartbroken and if you're worried about her meeting a new guy, now is the time to get her back for good.

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Does She Still Care About Me? Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

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This article was published on 2010/10/29
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